Dr. May Yacoob, PhD -  Nutrition and Health

"I know she will always be in my corner. She says 'Call me anytime Paul, call me anytime', and I still do."
Dr May Yacoob San Clemente CA
Dr May Yacoob San Clemente CA


"I met May on New Year's Eve 2008. I found out the day before that my blood pressure was 170/130 and that I could have a stroke at any time. My doctor recommended that I get in touch with May.

I am 53 years old, weighed 315 pounds and I am the father of three boys, one of them with special needs. I was scared, really scared at the thought of stroking out and leaving my wife in a desperate situation.

For the next three months may was there for me. She did whatever it took to get me through that period. She taught me to always "put on my oxygen mask first", to weigh and measure my food, to take it one day at a time and that easy does it but do it.

She was my friend and confidant, my mom, counselor or drill sergeant depending on the situation or issue that I was facing. She always knew exactly what to say and how to say it. She has an amazing gift in the area helping folks lose weight and begin to find themselves in the process.

May helped me change my life. I had tried unsuccessfully for 10 years to lose weight and gain control of my eating. With May I lost 24 pounds the first month and 40 pounds in the 3 months we formally worked together.

I am now down 60 pounds. Even though our formal relationship has ended she is still in my corner and I know she will always be in my corner. She says 'Call me anytime Paul, call me anytime', and I still do."

"She is an angel in my life." -- Paul P., California, September 2009

My journey with May began at one of her Yoga classes. She is a gifted, knowledgeable "hands on" teacher who addresses all levels of her students' needs/capabilities.

After 2 years of "searching for answers" concerning my high blood pressure / body weight (including exercise with trainers and a Calif. based nutrition program), I found out that May is much more than a Yoga instructor!!

At our first consultation May mentioned the word "Celiac"; I never heard of it. The following week was my routine Dr. checkup including blood test ( I requested the Celiac test ). Yes, results showed a definite Celiac condition requiring specific nutrition / lifestyle changes. This condition caused as many as 8 bowel movements a day!

May is guiding me through the necessary nutrition, exercise, life style changes. Most of my "abdominal bloating" has disappeared. After 2 months with May, my bowel movements are 2 - 3 a day!

My digestive system has greatly improved; it will take time, continued effort to heal damage done by years of wrong foods for my body.

Thank you May, for being my "guiding angel"...
Yvonne, So. Calif, 73