Dr. May Yacoob, PhD -  Nutrition and Health

"My program includes delicious and easy to prepare foods. Healthy eating should be eye appealing, tasty and satisfying."
Dr May Yacoob San Clemente CA
Dr May Yacoob San Clemente CA

Enjoy Delicious Gourmet Recipes
and an Easy to Follow Eating Plan.

It's easy to put spark and variety into your daily eating.
Try this wonderful raw foods gourmet menu to make for family or friends:

Refreshing Fruit Drinks with a twist
Pate Fleurs de Soleil served with toasted Tortillas
Crudite Salad and Life Bread
Tofu Provencal with Feta and Lemon Basil
Pistachio Ice Cream and Fenugreek Tea

Download the Recipes (PDF)

Your shouldn't have to starve while on an eating plan. Here is one that provides variety, balance and portions that will keep you satisfied. There's even a shopping guide for all of the foods that you will need.
Download the Eating Plan (PDF)