Dr. May Yacoob, PhD -  Nutrition and Health
"We succeed together. I work with my people on a daily basis to coach them on how to make healthy choices."
Dr May Yacoob San Clemente CA
Dr May Yacoob San Clemente CA


Dr. Yacoob provides a personalized counseling and training program to give you the skills, confidence and foundation for healthy living.

Individual counseling is a 90 day journey into joyful wellness and are tailored to address your specific situation. In those 90 days, you will begin to feel like the person you were always meant to be.

First of all you will be treated as an individual, with your own circumstances and behaviors What works for you will be different from what worked for someone else. You may have tried different diets or other methods of coping, only to have them fail time after time.

Dr. Yacoob works with you to build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. This is not about "starvation" or self denial. Instead you will learn about nutritious, delicious eating and how to give yourself the food your body craves.

During your new journey to health and wellness, Dr. Yacoob will personally coach you on a daily basis. She will work to change your patterns of day to day eating behaviors so that you build a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the steps that you and Dr. Yacoob will take together:

  • An initial assessment interview to determine the right solution for you
  • An analysis of cravings and blood type
  • A gradual program to remove harmful foods from your diet
  • A gradual development of a healthy food plan
  • Shopping guidance and food education
  • Cooking instruction on how to eat well and eat healthy
  • Personal, daily counseling to help reinforce healthy habits and smoothe the path to a healthy new you
Life is a joyous experience Eat well. Live well.